Company overview

Spire Vision Canada Immigration Services is renowned immigration consultant firm located in British Columbia. We can help you through the complicated and ever-changing tangle of immigration laws, rules, and procedures.  We offer services in multiple languages i.e. English, Punjabi and Hindi and get the job done efficiently to our global clientele.

With the expert knowledge and advice of Spire Vision Canada Immigration Services, undesirable misfortunes could be easily dodged. Spire Vision Canada Immigration Services provides assistance from the very beginning, starting from pre-landing services to settlement services covering everything such as post landing services, immigration services, placement assistance and personality development. We offer a broad portfolio of excellent services to the people who are interested to study, work, invest and settle abroad.

Our vision is to provide hassle free and friendly service to the client in a most professional way and in case of urgency we prioritize and make sure that client’s status is maintained.


  • To offer personalized services with a wide diversity of age, background experience, interest and special requirements.
  • To offer services that are thorough, current and innovative.
  • Meeting to the needs of our global clientele.
  • To offer professional, reliable, honest, compassionate advice and services.
  • To develop a partnership that supports our community’s trust towards global competitiveness.


Our mission is to unite families in Canada and make Canada your home. To change your dream to reality, we provide continuous services that will fulfill your expectations and help you to begin a new and exciting life in Canada. We make sure that excellent customer service is provided that meets your expectations at affordable expense.

How can we help you?

Contact Spire Vision Canada Immigration team for all your immigration queries.


We take the hassle out of the entire application process for you by completing and submitting all the required forms and documentation needed to apply to a specific program in Canada.  Our fully licensed immigration consultant (Member of ICCRC) and team will professionally complete the required government forms on your behalf, which they have been trained to do by the very organizations that will be evaluating your application.

Through our experience and knowledge, our adviser can determine the best avenue for your specific situation to ensure that your application is successful.  We have the tools and resources necessary to conduct the research needed to present your application in the most effective manner so that we can secure your status in Canada.


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